Windshield Repair

Trust your car in proffessional hands!

If your vehicle has recently encountered windshield damage, you may be wondering whether repair or replacement is necessary.

While Danos Car Valeting can repair most chipped windshields, but cracks typically longer than three inches indicate an immediate need for windshield replacement in order to protect the structural integrity of your car and the safety of its occupants.

To decide if your best option is windshield repair or replacement, Danos Car Valeting considers a few factors.

Size: chips larger than 3/8 inch and cracks more than three inches long generally require windshield replacement.

Location: Cracks that have splintered to the edge of the windshield typically require replacement due to their tendency to spread. Chips or cracks directly in your line of vision require replacement as well, as a repair often does not cure clearly, leaving a slight outline in the repair area.

Timespan: The longer you leave chips and cracks unaddressed, the more likely dirt will build up making it difficult to perform a successful repair, and requiring a replacement.

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