Compound, Polish, Wax, Sealant

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Compound consists of an abrasive suspended in a paste. It is used on automotive paintwork to cut through (abrade) oxidized paint or to polish out scratches in the paintwork. The oxidized paint is duller than fresh paint and the cutting compound is used to expose this fresher surface.

After compounding, waxing is necessary to protect the newly exposed surface is an important part of maintenance.


All cars have a clear coat that is put on when the car is painted, that helps protect the actual paint. It’s the wax’s reflective properties that give it the shiny aesthetic appeal that most people love about waxing their vehicles. This is achieved due to the polymers and acrylic sealant ingredients. Car wax also contains a naturally occurring wax, such as beeswax.

One of the underrated benefits of protecting your vehicle with wax is that reflecting the sun’s light is not only responsible for a beautiful shine, but minimizing sun damage to your paint job.

Car wax creates a slippery surface as well, which helps keep dirt from sticking to the surface. This not only looks good, but dirt left on your vehicle’s surface is also more likely to scratch the paint.


Polishing is a broad term for a range of processes designed to either remove or mask sub-surface paint defects and greatly enhance surface gloss in readiness for sealant or wax protection.

Polish is a mildly abrasive substance which sands the surface of paint smooth and allows it to shine.

Polishing gives a shine to the paint and also it can hide small imperfections like swirl marks and light scratches. A good polish will also “feed” the paint and help prevent the paint from drying out and cracking, thus prolonging the service life of the finish.


Sealers are the place to go for ultimate in durability and protection. Sealers contain polymer technology and are the result of advances in chemical engineering. These products last the longest and add a slippery and slick feel to your paint.

First of all the durability of paint sealant is enhanced to upwards of 6 months. Secondly surface tension is reduced with paint sealant. Also it can shed water and grime and this means that your car stays cleaner for longer and it’s easier to maintain on future washes.

Overall protection offered by paint sealant from UV damage, acid rain and industrial fallout is higher than offered by a traditional car wax. Paint sealant offers a different level of gloss, more a glass like reflectivity. Also paint sealant does excel in bringing out the flake in modern metallic/pearlescent finishes.

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